Experience Tequila like never before

MACHO: Tequila Events is an independent company based in Los Angeles, California dedicated to spread the culture of Mexican Tequila through events and other agave related affairs. We are fully convinced that the appreciation of tequila is more than a shot, is an art of epic proportions. Every step in the elaboration process of tequila: from cultivating the blue agave to you savoring this sophisticated yet simple spirit will always delight you.

We work closely with top culinary industry chefs to provide you with the experience of Mexican cuisine and Tequila.  As this pair complements each other in perfect harmony, each flavor is enhanced. As we follow Tequila Regulatory Council’s guidelines (CRT) we thrive by continuing to travel to tequila main land, working closely with its industry and workers. We believe that every person and step in the process is key to a fine tequila experience.

We are MACHO: Tequila Events