Past Events

Los Angeles ART.LIFE @ LA MART

An exclusive red carpet event hosted by EWI COLLECTIONS , a night of Art, Music , and Tequila. MACHO Tequila Events was representing Tequila Corazon Maya in this event.

In an effort to promote the Art culture among the youth a portion of the proceeds was donated to Los Angeles Art Alliance , a non- profit organization.

Santa Barbara Tequila Harvest Festival

The Event took place at the Carrillo Recreation Center, MACHO Tequila Events couldn’t miss it, and we were there!

MACHO Tequila Events

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MACHO Tequila Events at the Tequila Harvest in Santa Barbara.

Tequila Tasting in Ensenada

Macho Tequila Tasting Events

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Tequila Tasting Events