Tequila Aging Barrels

When Tequila is set to rest, or being aged in oak barrels or casks it acquires a very distinctive color and aroma, which can vary from dried fruits or spices. Some of the highlighted aromas are nuts, almonds, pepper, vanilla and cinammon amongst others. At the same time other attributes in the smell can be found in “toasted” woods.

All of the barrels, or casks that contain Tequila for the purpose of aging, are stored in controlled temperature rooms. These are previously sealed by the CRT in order to protect the consumer and keep the highest quality standards.

New barrels darken the Tequila faster, for instance an añejo can become very dark faster also adding a deep wood flavor to the spirit. This coloring predicament can be alleviated by using older barrels with some life in them.

Today Tequila aging has evolved to a new way, a way that gives Tequila infinite possibilities in enhancing its flavor, notes and characteristics. Many Tequila companies are using this new technique which consists on aging the Tequila in used barrels from cognac, jerez, bourbon or whiskey giving Tequila a new superb twist.

Tequila barrels