The Legend of Tequila: A love story

MayahuelAccording to Aztec mythology, Mayahuel was the Godess of Fertility and the Maguey (Agave). Quetzalcoatl, the God of Redemption, fell in love with this beautiful young woman.

One day Quetzalcoatl went down to the mortal world in search of precious bones from ancient mankind to harvest them and create a new humanity. In his journey he found a woman sleeping, her name was Mayahuel. Quetzalcoatl was so charmed by her beauty that he stared at her for hours.

Mayahuel’s grandmother, Tzintzimitl, was very jealous of her granddaughter’s youthful beauty so she kept her prisoner until Quetzalcoatl, being a noble and brave God, freed Mayahuel. They managed to escape to the Land of Anahuac, where they would turn into trees and caress each other with their branches when the night fell. But Tzintzimitl discovered them and in the rage caused by her granddaughter disobedience she called her devouring star army, which ate Mayahuel’s stem; leaving only the remains of what was once a blooming tree.

After seeing his love one tore to mere branches, Quetzalcoatl cried while burying her remains and in this place the first agave plant would be born. Receiving the name of “Metl” by the indigenous.

Quetzalcoatl returned to the heavens and killed Tzinzimitl. The other gods watching his grievance sought to relief him and stroke the agave plant with thunder. The hit went directly to the heart of the plant, from which sweet agave nectar started to bleed.

As a group of indigenous where walking by the agave plant, they noticed a very seducing smell. For the first time they tasted this sweet fermented nectar, a gift from the gods to alleviate pain and sorrow.

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