Organic Margaritas

Undoubtly the greatest influence for the appreciation and acceptance of Tequila outside of Mexico has been the cocktail known as the Margarita. As its opularity has grown, so have its flavors, colors and varieties. But one thins is certain, the Margarita captivates the Spirit of Mexico through the Tequila.

Though there are many stories that revolve around the original creator of the Margarita, it is usually agreed that it appeared during the mid 1930s and late 1940s. One thing is very clear, no one knows for sure who stumbled upon such great mix; and now the Margarita is known around the world as a proudly Mexican Tequila mixed drink.

One of the most famous stories is from well known Dallas socialite, Margaret Sames. In 1948 she was hosting a party at her vacation house in Acapulco, Mexico. It is said that she took her favorite liqueur Cointreau, added Tequila and lime juice; then took a martini glass and put a bit of salt on the rim. The drink was such a success that it kept the party going for almost two weeks. Mrs. Sames husband, Bill Sames told Margaret that she had to have a name for “drink” as they had been calling it. He brought home two etched glasses with the equivalent name  of Margaret in spanish, “Margarita”; poured two drinks and from that moment the rest is history.